How Does ChnLove Deal With Online Dating Scams?

ChnLove-#1 Trusted Asian Dating Site

Online dating is becoming increasingly hot these days. As the #1 trusted Asian dating site, ChnLove quites understands the importance of safety and security. Therefore, it adopts an effective system to keep its members away from online dating scams.

ChnLove Anti-Scam Policies

First and foremost, all the lady profiles on ChnLove have to be strictly verified. Usually speaking, they need to be doubly confirmed. The first check is issued by the agencies and the further checking details is owned by the staff of For those real lady profiles, they’re marked the icon ‘Verified’, which means that they have gone through the ‘Identity Authentication’ and ‘SMS Verification’ process. I should say it’s an effective way to prevent potential scammers away at the initial stage. Besides, our relative staff make a random and periodic phone track on the lady members. For those who can’t be reached or suspected to be fake by our male members, their profile will be taken down from the international website once condition is confirmed true.

For the local agencies with whom Chnlove cooperates, there are also a series of Anti-scam measures in place. Chnlove has created a feedback rating system allowing its gentlemen to make an evaluation on the performance of the agencies. Moreover, Chnlove will randomly check the quality of translated correspondences as well as other services offered by the agencies. The target is to ensure that the agencies completely comply with our practices and procedures.

A Special Case About ChnLove Scam

Provided a scam is suspected, the male members are highly encouraged to inform us. Our customer service team would take immediate actions to confirm the details and makes efforts to find a satisfactory solution. Suppose the scams are proved to be real, we will take disciplinary actions against the relevant agency or lady. For the victims, we will compensate accordingly. In the following paragraph, I will set you an example with specific details, to see how ChnLove deal with online dating scams.

Recently, we received a message from one of male members, complaining that the photos of the lady he is communicating with fake. These pictures are actually taken from internet and he suspected to be a scam. After receiving the complaint, our relevant staff immediately made a thorough investigation accordingly. Before we reach a conclusion, we decided to take her profile down so as to ensure other gentlemen members wouldn’t be scammed. Later, our staff asked for the recent videos or photos from the lady to verify her identify; however, she refused us. Therefor, we removed her profile from our international site. And we compensated 2 credits to the gentleman for the exchanged EMF Mail fees.

Maybe we can not 100% to prohibited online dating scams, but we’re trying the best to reduce the scam rate as low as we can!